1. Bittersweet

From the recording BareBones

Lyrics co-written with Marilyn Hall


As evening falls, I’m running deep
Through the woods to be free
I’m pressing hard against the wind
To find myself again
I'm trying hard to push ahead
Tearing apart this tangled web
Choices we made that kept us apart
Choices that cut like a knife to my heart
Looking up, the trees surround the moon
I can feel a quiet solitude
It’s bittersweet…
To dream about a love
That felt so deep
Now I can see… I can see
A way to get up from a fall
Some day I’ll get through it all
It’s bittersweet… Oh bittersweet…
You were the one that I could wait for
Even when you said goodbye
You were the one I’d lie awake for
Lie awake and cry
It’s bittersweet… oh bittersweet
To dream about a love that felt so deep
Now I can see… it’s bittersweet
I’m reaching out, reaching in
One day I know I’ll fly again
Letting go of this bittersweet regret
It’s bittersweet… bittersweet… It's bittersweet… bittersweet